Resources for our contributors are available on this page.  Accepted contributors also have access to the training and resources available in the Stratos Community.

Apply To Be A Contributor

Building the Community Through Enablement

Have a tool or question that not mentioned here?  Please email us at to make recommendations, get suggestions, or just to say hi.

Design and Outline Your Course

Our most successful contributors will sit down and plan out each course by putting an outline together so they can maximize their time and define the message they want to share. Use our attached Course Outline, which will give you the ability to structure your course introduction, lessons and even include a project or call to action for each course. Remember that you want to focus on making short 2-7 minute lessons that use the micro learning techniques to help our members retain your information more efficiently.

Stratos Global Course Guidelines

Read through the Stratos Course Guidelines to better understand how to build or upload a course and videos that meet the criteria that Stratos Global requires.

Course Outline Templates

Below you will find a blank MS Word and an Excel template that you can use to plan out your course. If you want to see an example of these outlines filled out select the “Leadership Course Outline Example” document.

Don’t Want To Edit Your RAW Videos?

Stratos Global offers a service for those wanting to submit a course to Stratos Global but you want to skip the editing process. We offer a post-course video editing service starting at $299 per 30 minutes of post-editing footage. If you would like to use this service please send us an email to and please let us know what you are needing to have edited.

What’s Included:

  • We can digitally render your logo or brand into your course and lessons intros and outros
  • We can add music to the intros and outros of your lessons
  • This service is only available to those wanting to submit a course to the Stratos Global Platform
  • We give you an upload link or a mailing address to send us RAW filmed footage and a copy of your presentation or images or clips you want added into your course
  • Your course needs to be filmed following our outline and flow as shown in the “Video Course Outline” section
  • You must include a detailed outline of your course with instructions of what photos, slides or footage you want added into each lesson
  • You will be charged per course and have if you have multiple courses you want us to edit we can offer you a package price
  • We will take your course and upload the final product to the Stratos Global Platform so you can start to earn royalties from the monthly subscription memberships